How to make sweet glutinous rice red dates delicious

Ingredient: 16 red dates, 45g glutinous rice flour

Ingredients: hot water, sugar, osmanthus, honey

How to make sweet glutinous rice red dates delicious

[xiangtian glutinous rice red jujube] production process:

1. Soak red dates for one night.

2. Will soak good jujube with scissors cut one side, the inside of the meat also slightly cut, cut off the jujube nucleus, pay attention not to cut.

3. Add glutinous rice flour, slowly add hot water, knead into a ball.

4. The glutinous rice is kneaded into long strips and divided into small segments of the same size as jujube.

5. Put the glutinous rice into the cut jujube one by one and knead it a little.

6. Put the glutinous rice dates into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, bring to a boil, turn to low heat, about 15 minutes.

7. Pour out water, drain water, add appropriate amount of honey, sugar osmanthus, mix well.

Food tips:

1. Glutinous rice flour with hot water is easier to knead into a ball, cold water, it is not easy to form a ball, will spread.

2. I’ve tried steaming and boiling. The steamed jujube doesn’t open so much. It’s a little better. It depends on my personal preference.

3. This dish is not easy to keep for a long time. The glutinous rice will be stiff. It tastes better when it is hot.

4. Glutinous rice is not easy to eat if its stomach is not good.