How to make sweet potato cake

Material Science

Taro, sticky rice noodles, half fat and thin bacon, sausage, mushrooms, salt


1. Peel taro, wash and cut into strips.

2. Dice bacon, sausage and mushrooms.

3. Stir fry all the ingredients in steps 1 and 2, mix them together, and add the right amount of salt.

4. Add water to the sticky rice flour to make a paste, pour it into the fried material, and stir well.

5. Pour a small amount of oil into the steaming pan to prevent the cake from sticking to the pan.

6. Pour the things in step 4 into the steaming pan, put them in the pan and steam for about half an hour, then take them out.

7. After cooling, cut it into cubes and fry it on both sides. It’s delicious (you can eat it after steaming, but I think it’s more delicious!)

How to make sweet potato cake

Material Science

Flour 100g, sweet potato 50g, yeast 2 g, Sugar Spoon, baking soda 14 tablespoons, water appropriate


1. mash the sweet potato in boiling and mashing

2. yeast dissolved in water, and stand for 5 minutes

3. mash sweet potato, flour, sugar and yeast water to form a thick paste

4. ferment to twice the size

5. dissolve baking soda in a spoon of water

6. pour into fermented batter, mix evenly

7. ferment again to twice the size

8. apply a little oil in the container, pour it into 7, and heat in the microwave for 5 minutes


1. I can put water in estimation. As long as I make steamed bread more water than usual, it is not too thin. At most, it will be fine to my consistency; 2. Baking soda can be added without adding, and the taste of baking soda is softer; 3. It is convenient to remove the film by applying oil in the container. If you have oil paper, you can steam it without microwave oven. The time is about 30 minutes after the water is opened.