How to make sweet potato pancakes

The following is a detailed introduction of the method of fried sweet potato cake, which will teach you how to make fried sweet potato cake and how to make fried sweet potato cake to be delicious. Many people say it's difficult to cook. In fact, it's very easy to look at the steps and the pictures, and it's easy to do it!

Main ingredient: sweet potato water milled glutinous rice flour

Accessories: 1 egg

Seasoning: white granulated sugar and salt

Detailed processing steps of fried sweet potato cake

The method of nutritious breakfast [fried sweet potato cake] is provided for you

1. Peel, wash, slice and steam sweet potato

2. After steaming, cool slightly and mash with a spoon

3. Cool a little, add sugar and salt, then add glutinous rice flour, eggs and dough

4. Heat a pan with a little oil

5. Take the right amount of dough, knead it into a ball, flatten it and put it into a pan

6. Fry both sides over low heat until golden brown

The above is the practice of nutritious breakfast [fried sweet potato cake]. Thank you very much for your attention!