How to make sweet potato Wotou delicious

Raw materials:

Sweet potato powder 300 grams, boiling water 220 grams, a little water

How to make sweet potato Wotou delicious

1: Put the dried sweet potato powder into the basin, pour in boiling water and stir well.

2: According to the hardness of the dough, add a little water, and make a soft dough.

3: Take a small piece of dough and make it into a ball.

4-6: hold the ball in one hand, insert the index finger in the other hand, keep turning, shaping into a cone.

7: Put the corn husk on the small nest head in the steamer.

8: Boil water in steamer, put steamer in, steam for 15 minutes, turn off the fire.

9: Steamed Wotou, black, although not good-looking, still delicious to eat!


1. Sweet potato powder viscosity is low, with hot way can make its taste Q elastic soft waxy.

2. If you can’t control the humidity of hot stamping, don’t add it all. Add a little cold water in the process of mixing, and form a ball. If it’s too soft, it will make the Wotou soft and affect the appearance.

3. This is a very small version, so if you feel troublesome, you can make a big ball, insert your thumb into the ball, and use your four fingers and thumb to help with plastic surgery.