How to make sweet scented osmanthus cake

Sweet golden yellow, strong fragrance of osmanthus, because it is the new year, by its beautiful meaning --- congratulations to get rich

This cake is big, as big as a steamer, tall and thick, sweet and delicious

Material Science

Corn flour 300g cake flour 200g low gluten sweet scented osmanthus paste appropriate amount of dry sweet scented osmanthus appropriate amount of honey appropriate amount of white sugar fermentation powder 3-5g baking powder 20g


Mix the corn flour and pastry flour. Pour the baking powder and baking powder into the flour and mix

Mix the sweet scented osmanthus paste, sweet scented osmanthus, honey and sugar with warm water

Use this mixture to mix flour. If it’s too dry, add warm water to make a thin paste

4. Place the thin batter for 1 hour, and there will be bubbles and holes between the batters

5. Put more water into the steamer. If there is an iron ring for making cake, put it into the steamer and pour the batter into it.

There is a circle, the cake will be steamed into a Harley cake shape, that is, the shape of mushrooms, meaning – hair

If you don’t have a circle, steam it directly, about 1-1.5 hours after the water boils, because it’s bigger. 40 minutes without a circle

8. Turn off the fire after steaming and open the cover after 5 minutes to prevent retraction

9. When eating, use a knife to cut open a part and freeze it. When eating, use microwave to heat it


If you like the taste is granular, relatively coarse, corn flour, more than low gluten pastry flour, corn flour 3: Pastry low gluten flour 1.

Like soft taste: corn flour 1: Pastry low gluten flour 4

That is to say, the more corn flour, the more granular and rough it is. It’s a bit like corn wowowotou

Osmanthus generally sold in supermarkets, osmanthus sauce can be made by oneself, that is, a layer of honey, a layer of osmanthus, put in a glass bottle, marinate for 7-15 days.

The role of honey is conducive to the rapid fermentation of dough, sugar according to personal taste