How to make sweet scented osmanthus fragrant

Practice of fragrant osmanthus

Put the material other than the flour in raw material 1 into a container and mix it with a manual egg beater (Fig. 1)

How to make sweet scented osmanthus fragrant

Sift in the low flour and mix well to form yolk paste (Fig. 2)

How to make sweet scented osmanthus fragrant

Raw material 2 sends protein to dry foaming to form protein paste (Fig. 3)

Use a scraper to take 13 pieces of egg yolk paste and cut it evenly, then pour back the remaining protein paste and mix it evenly to make a cake paste (Fig. 4, 5)

Oil cake mould for standby (Fig. 6)

Pour the cake paste into the mold and shake off the big bubbles (Fig. 7, 8)

Oven preheat 175 degrees

Baking the middle and lower layers for 45 minutes (Fig. 9)

Back button to cool and demould

Cut the cake into small pieces after demoulding

Top mounted with whipped cream, garnish with dried Osmanthus fragrans

It’s the delicious food I’m looking for

I can’t feel it all the time

Last time there was no oiling and it was demoulded after cooling, so it didn’t take off very well

This time, we can’t take off the oil when it’s hot

I feel that the moisture content of this cake is on the high side

The taste is moist

But it is difficult to demould

It is estimated that the baking temperature should be lowered and the baking time should be increased