How to make sweet scented osmanthus pumpkin cake

This cake is crisp on the outside and crisp in the inside, which is sweet and palatable.

Material Science

Ingredients: 600g pumpkin, 600g glutinous rice flour,

Accessories: 35 grams of Osmanthus fragrans,

Seasoning: 180g white granulated sugar, 120g peanut oil


1. Wash the pumpkin, peel it, dig the flesh and seed, and wash it;

2. Make pumpkin puree for standby;

3. Put the glutinous rice flour in the basin, add sugar and Osmanthus fragrans, and mix;

4. Pour in proper amount of water to make a thick paste;

5. Add pumpkin puree and mix well;

6. Heat the pan with peanut oil, scoop in the batter and turn it by hand. One side of the pan is deep fried and the other side is deep fried;

7. Deep fry until both sides are scorched, take out the oil and put it on a plate. Eat while it’s hot.


Health tips:

If diabetics make dishes according to the recipe, please remove the sugar from the seasoning.