How to make table meat dumplings delicious

Material Science

Glutinous rice 500g pork, 200g sea rice 15g peanut kernel 60g onion 30g mushroom 15g fresh rice dumpling leaf: appropriate amount


A. 2 teaspoons white pepper, a little five spices, 1 tbsp old, 1 teaspoon salt

B. 1.5 tbsp old, 13 teaspoons of five flavor powder, 13 teaspoons pepper, a little salt, 1 teaspoon of fine sugar, 1 teaspoon of rice wine, proper amount of water


1. 3 hours of water making with glutinous rice

2. boil and wash the leaves of Zong, and make it ready for use

3. peanut water for 1 night, cut long strips of pork, mushrooms and soft cut silk, sea rice, onion washed and diced, spare

4. condiments A and B respectively add in the bowl and mix well.

5. heat the pot, add a little oil, add mushrooms, and stir in the incense and put it in reserve

6. stir fry the meat to the oil, stir up the seasoning B, and boil it in a large fire and roll to a small heat until cooked

7. add oil to stir up onion and sea rice in a pot, stir in glutinous rice, peanut and seasoning a well, add the fried mushrooms and mix them into stuffing

8. each 4 leaves are relative (3 large and 4 small ones), and then folded into bucket type. Put 1 tablespoon of step 7 glutinous rice filling, add five flower meat, then cover with glutinous rice filling, fold into zongzi shape, and tie it tightly with cotton rope

9. after the steamer water is opened, it can be steamed in small fire for about 1 hour (the time of steaming rice dumplings shall be determined by the size of the dumplings)