How to make Taishan salted meat dumplings delicious

Material Science

Zongye, glutinous rice, streaky pork, aquatic plants, peanuts, peeled mung beans, salted egg yolk


1. Buy back the rice dumpling leaves and water plants two days in advance. Wash the rice dumpling leaves one by one, and then put them into the big pot. Put the water without rice dumpling leaves into the pot. Boil them for another 2 minutes after the fire. Pick up the rice dumpling leaves and wash them again. Then soak them in the water without rice dumpling leaves for two days. Change the water every day. When you want to make rice dumplings, pick up and drain the water about 2 hours in advance

2. After you buy the water plants, tear them into two parts, soak them in the water for more than one day, pick them up about 2 hours in advance, drain the water, tie all the water plants together to form a long water plant, and then wind them into a water plant mass like wool

3. Crack the salted eggs, take only the yolk, and divide each yolk into two parts; cut the pork into square shape and marinate it with salt, five spice powder and red silk thread for one day and one night; put the peanuts in the pot and boil for another 10 minutes to remove the water; put the peeled mung beans in clean water to boil and remove the water immediately; wash the glutinous rice 2 hours in advance, remove the water, mix the peanuts with glutinous rice, and stir with a small amount of salt Mix well