How to make Tangyuan with bean paste

raw material

Glutinous rice flour 100g, Chengfen 10g, boiled water 10g, cold water 60g

How to make Tangyuan with bean paste


How to make Tangyuan with bean paste

A little bean paste.

How to make Tangyuan with bean paste

Practice of bean paste dumplings

How to make Tangyuan with bean paste

1. Add 60 grams of cold water to the glutinous rice flour,

How to make Tangyuan with bean paste

2. Knead into a ball,

3. Put the Chengfen into a small bowl,

4. Pour in boiling water,

5. Stir with chopsticks to form a ball,

6. Then pour it into the glutinous rice dough while it is hot,

7. Knead into a moist dough,

8. Divide the bean paste filling into small dosage forms of 10 grams.

Practice of bean paste filling

1. Red beans 150 grams, do not bubble, directly add water 450 grams, with electric pressure cooker pressure mature red beans.

2. Take it out and stir it into bean paste with an electric mixer,

3. Put about 100g brown sugar in the pot (the amount of sugar depends on the taste). Cook over low heat until melted,

4. Then pour in the bean paste. (if the bean paste is thin, you can use gauze to put it into the water.)

5. Cook slowly until you can pile up. Pour in about 15g butter, stir fry and cool. This method is the best red bean paste I’ve ever tried. The finished product is about 500g

9. The glutinous rice dough is divided into about 14 grams of small dosage. If you can’t pack so much bean paste, you can divide the small dosage into about 20 grams. Then knead it into a circle and make a small hole in the middle,

10. Put the bean paste stuffing in

11. Wrap it up

12. Boil the water in the pot, pour in the dumplings. When the dumplings float, remove them in a minute.