How to make tartary buckwheat cake

Material Science

Tartary buckwheat flour 50g, flour 150 g, egg 1, sugar 50g, honey 20 g, yeast 2 g, foam powder 1g, warm water about 100g, chocolate color needle 20g


1. mix the flour with buckwheat flour, yeast, baking powder and sugar, then add eggs and warm water to form paste (scoop it up and flow into flakes), then cover it and wake up to 1 times the expansion.

2. add honey to stir and evenly.

3. brush the egg tartar with a little oil at once, squeeze (or spoon) the batter with a flower mounting bag for about 23 full, put the steamed lattice and wake up until it is even, and sprinkle with chocolate colored needle.

4. steam in a fire for about 12 minutes.