How to make tea bowl steamed cake

Ingredients: 95g low gluten flour, 95g fine granulated sugar, 135g whole egg (I used 5 wild eggs, the weight after peeling), 1.5 tbsp corn oil, 12 tbsp lemon peel, 1.5 tbsp fresh lemon juice, 12 tbsp baking powder

The illustration of steaming cake from tea bowl is provided by Xiaobian

How to make tea bowl steamed cake

1. Brush a thin layer of corn oil inside the tea bowl (except the amount) for standby;

2. Put corn oil, lemon dander and fresh lemon juice into a small bowl and beat them with egg pump until they are well mixed. There is no oil on the surface;

3. The whole egg liquid was mixed with fine granulated sugar and sent by electric beater at high speed, and the color was yellow at the beginning;

4. After beating, turn to medium speed and continue to beat until the volume is enlarged, the color is white and the egg paste is thick. The egg paste dripping from the beating head will not disappear immediately;

5. Turn to slow speed and continue to pass for 2 or 3 minutes until the egg paste is smooth and delicate;

6. Sift in low gluten flour at one time (if you use baking powder, mix it together). If the egg paste is in place, the sifted flour will not sink immediately;

7. Then add the mixture of corn oil, lemon peel and lemon juice;

8. First, beat the eggs up and down until there is no dry powder;

9. Change the scraper, turn it from bottom to top, cut and mix it evenly and smoothly;

10. Pour into the greased tea bowl, about 8 or 9 minutes full, and let stand for about 10 minutes;

11. After steaming the steamer over high heat, put in the tea bowl cake germ, cover the pan, turn to medium heat, steam for about 15 minutes;

12. Stick a bamboo stick into the inside of the cake and pull it out. If there is no sticky paste, it is ripe. If there is still sticky egg on the bamboo stick, cover the pot and steam for a while.


1. This cake is very soft and delicious. No matter the way of steaming or the refreshing lemon flavor, it is very suitable for the current hot season. It is a rare summer cake.

2. If you have confidence in whipping the whole egg, the baking powder in the formula can be omitted.

3. You can also use orange juice and orange peel instead of lemon juice and lemon peel. The fruit flavor will be stronger and the taste will be sweeter.

4. Be sure to wait for the steamer to steam after the fire, and then start steaming. The steaming time should be adjusted according to the size of the tea cup.

5. Of course, tea cups can be changed into moulds, steaming can also be changed into roasting, no problem!