How to make the angel cake with red bean

Material Science

White paper 1, honey bean 30 g, salad oil 50 g, corn flour 45 g, protein 4, fine sugar 70 g, orange jam appropriate amount


1. spread the white paper on the baking tray, and lay the red beans on the paper for standby.

2. take a small pot, heat salad oil and then turn off the fire. Pour corn flour into the pan and stir it into a state of burning quickly, and cool it for standby.

3. the protein is first beaten to wet foaming, then it is close to dry foaming state.

4. mix the protein of method 3 and the surface of method 2, then pour into the remaining protein of method 3 and mix and stir evenly.

5. pour sponge cake surface of practice 4 and pour it into the baking pan of practice 1, then put it in the oven after being smooth. Heat it at 190 ℃ and lower the fire for 150 ℃ at the oven temperature for about 25 minutes, then take it out and cool.

6. fold the cake upside down and tear off the white paper, then cut it into two equal parts with a knife.

7. after applying one of the equal portions with orange jam, cover the cake body of the other equal part, and cut out several rectangular blocks with a knife.