How to make the bun delicious

Raw materials of Goubuli steamed stuffed bun: 500g refined flour, appropriate amount of alkali flour and flour fertilizer, 250g superior pork (30% fat and 70% lean), 100g bone soup, 70g soy sauce, 30g sesame oil, 2G minced ginger, 30g scallion, a little monosodium glutamate and glutinous rice powder.

Goubuli steamed stuffed bun

1) First, wash the pork, mince it into minced meat, put it into a basin, add ginger powder, stir it up, then add soy sauce in three times to make soy sauce and meat blend, then add glutinous rice flour to mix well, and then pour into bone soup to make the meat soft. Finally, add monosodium glutamate, sesame oil and scallion, and mince it to make minced meat filling.

2) Mix the flour, add the flour fertilizer, and knead well. When the flower is just arched up, add appropriate amount of alkali water and knead well. Knead a 1.7 cm diameter strip. Roll it into a slightly thick round skin one by one according to 30 grams of flour pulling agent. Wrap it with 25 grams of stuffing. Squeeze out 1618 folds from the mouth of the agent and put it into the small cage directly.

3) When steaming, put into a small cage and steam for 56 minutes.