How to make the cabbage and meat bun delicious

Steamed buns with vegetables and meat

Ingredients: 300g medium gluten flour, 160g water, 3G dry yeast and 5g sugar

How to make the cabbage and meat bun delicious

Fillings: 150g meat, 200g green vegetables, 20g green onion, 4G ginger, 5g salt, 12g sugar, 8g soy sauce, 1tsp sesame powder

Sesame oil 10g, water 20g

How to make steamed buns with vegetables and meat

1。 Mix the dough materials together to make a smooth dough, cover it with plastic wrap, and ferment in a basin of 40 ℃ hot water for about 1 hour.

2。 After boiling the water in the pot, add a few drops of vegetable oil, blanch the vegetables in the water, take out the cold water, squeeze out the water, and chop.

3。 Put minced meat, green onion, ginger, soy sauce, salt, sugar and sesame powder in a basin. Add 20 grams of water in several times and stir until the water is fully absorbed.

4。 Add chopped green vegetables and sesame oil and stir well to form the filling.

5。 When the dough is 2-3 times the size, remove it.

6。 After exhausting, knead well again and divide into 18 portions.

7。 Roll the dough with a rolling pin into a round piece and wrap it in the stuffing.

8。 Put the steamed buns into the greased drawer and wake up for 30 minutes. Open fire with cold water, steam for another 15 minutes after boiling, and take out the steamed stuffed buns 3 minutes after turning off the fire.