How to make the cake delicious

Fruity mango snow cake

Material Science

How to make the cake delicious

A: 1 80g egg crumbs, 1 100g egg yolk, 1 100g lemon juice, 1 100g egg yolk, 1 100g lemon juice

How to make the cake delicious

B: Four fresh passion fruit pulp, 1 tsp lemon dander, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 3-4 tbsp sugar, 50cc white wine (or light fruit wine, white rum, champagne or fruit juice), 70cc fresh mango puree and 1 tbsp honey

How to make the cake delicious

How to make the fruity mango snow cake

How to make the cake delicious

1. First, mix lemon peel, lemon juice, passion fruit pulp and set aside.

How to make the cake delicious

2. After softening the butter at room temperature, stir it smoothly and evenly with a scraper, then add condensed milk and continue to stir it evenly

How to make the cake delicious

3. Method 2 use electric egg beater to make it fluffy and white. After that, add 1 tbsp of sifted flour, continue to beat ~ add 1 tbsp of flour again ~ beat (repeat about 7-8 times until the flour is completely mixed into the butter paste)

4. Add a spoonful of sugar, beat and mix, then add sugar ~ repeat until the sugar is completely mixed into the butter paste

5. Add egg liquid, one tablespoon at a time, and mix thoroughly. When there is no oil and water, add another tablespoon and repeat until the egg liquid is completely added and mixed

6. Add lemon peel, lemon juice and passion fruit pulp into the cake paste and stir gently. Do not stir in circles. Just stir slightly

7. Put the egg paste into the anti staining baking mold. (generally, anti staining paper should be laid on the baking mould first)

8. Bake in a preheated 180 ° C oven for about 50-55 minutes (tin foil should be covered according to the situation). Take out the cake after about 15 minutes, mark the cracks on the surface with a knife, and then bake in the oven.

9. When the cake comes out of the oven, pull out (or pull out the baking paper together) the demoulding, and then wait for it to drop to room temperature

10. Wrap the fresh-keeping mold and tin foil (several more layers) by touching it with a slight temperature. Refrigerate for about 36 hours before eating~

11. Material B, except mango puree, is put into a small pot. Heat it over low heat until there are bubbles in the small roll beside the pot. Then add mango puree to the small roll beside the pot to turn off the heat.

12. After cooling, pour it on the cake to match

hot tip

1. This formula needs to use medium gluten flour and stir it in several times to make the batter gluten. After adding the egg liquid, beat it until it has a swelling feeling

2. After adding passion fruit pulp, do not stir vigorously to cause defoaming

3. The more ice, the more delicious it is. The finished product can be put for 3-5 days after freezing!

4. Before eating, put it at room temperature for about 20 minutes after freezing or refrigerate for about 60 minutes to soften it. It’s easy to slice the cake, and the taste is better

5. If you don’t use the wine in the sauce part, you can use the commercial orange juice or light juice instead

6. Drenching sauce can be used in hot and cold fruit drink to increase flavor. The drink in the picture is mangxianglin sauce shanfenyuan ice water mint

7. The way of making jam is different from that of making jam. It should be stored in the refrigerator for about 3 days.

How to make the cake delicious

All egg sponge cup cake

Materials: 3 eggs (each shell weighs about 60 g), fine sugar 90g, water malt 6 g, low Powder 100g, corn oil 26G, milk 40 g, raisin dry 30g.

How to make the cake delicious

The practice of all egg sponge cup cake

How to make the cake delicious

1. Put eggs and sugar in the container, beat evenly with electric beater (about 10 seconds).

How to make the cake delicious

2. Add softened water Yi. The electric egg beater first hit the egg paste with the highest speed to make it thick and white, then hit the whole hair at medium speed (about 6-8 minutes, the time spent depends on the personal passing method).

How to make the cake delicious

3. The whole egg is completely sent to the same extent as in the picture. The egg paste can be hung on the beat head. The laid egg paste pattern is not easy to dissipate (this step is very important, it must be sent in place).

How to make the cake delicious

4. Sift in low powder twice, cut and mix evenly with a scraper. Put corn oil and milk in another container. First select a little batter and mix well with corn oil and milk, then pour back into the container with batter, and mix thoroughly.

How to make the cake delicious

5. Pour the cake paste into the paper cup, shake it gently, add a proper amount of wine stain red to dry.

6. In the preheated oven, 175 degrees middle, heat up and down for about 28 minutes.

7. Take out the cupcake from the mold immediately and cool it. The successful sponge will not shrink and collapse.

hot tip

1. water malt is also called water malt. It is common in Taiwan formula. Sponge cake is well moisturized and delicate and sweet after being treated with water. It is also delicious to be placed for three days. If there is no water malt, honey or maltose can be used as an alternative.

3. Sponge cake wants to do well, the whole egg pass is very important, if the degree of pass is not enough, it will do one step by step, no into the oven will cry out bubble, baked is egg cake.

How to make the cake delicious

Material Science


Liqueur cake 1 (ground)

Soft rice 1 bowl

{material} B

Sticky rice noodles 1 Pack

Sugar… 1 rice bowl

Water 3 rice

{material} C

Two packs of original Guozi salt

Pigments……… Red, yellow, green


1. Mix the wine cake and rice evenly, put them into the plastic bucket with cover and ferment for one night.

2. Put the fermented rice and half a bowl of water into the juicer and stir them into rice paste.

3. Mix the rice paste, sticky rice flour, sugar and the remaining two and a half bowls of water until the sugar dissolves

It’s filtering.

4. Pour the filtered rice slurry back into the plastic bucket, cover it and continue to ferment for 8 hours

5. pour half the fermented rice pulp into the container, add 1 packets of Kwai salt, and stir quickly.

Evenly, divide the rice paste into three parts, add red, yellow and cyan pigment, and mix well.

6. Boil the water in the pot, put the cake model on the paper cup, and pour in the three color rice paste

Fill the paper cup to 9%, steam over high heat for 5 minutes, then half of the remaining rice paste and a bag

Repeat 5-6 for guoziyan until it is steamed.

How to make the cake delicious

Colorful shufrey cheese cake

Raw materials: 180g of homemade cheese (or cream cheese), 4 yolks, 4 protein, 150g coconut milk, 50g low powder, 50g sugar and 12 tablespoons of essential oil of Banlan

How to make the cake delicious

Baking: water bath 150 degree baking 60 minutes

How to make the cake delicious

The practice of the colorful shufrey cheese cake

How to make the cake delicious

Add low powder and mix with common coconut milk to form batter for standby (Fig. 1)

How to make the cake delicious

Cream cheese (I use homemade cheese) soften with hot water and beat with a manual egg beater until smooth (Fig. 2, 3)

How to make the cake delicious

Add half of coconut milk and stir until smooth (Fig. 4)

How to make the cake delicious

Add yolk and stir evenly (Fig. 5)

How to make the cake delicious

Add the first step batter to the mixed yolk paste and mix well into the batter (Fig. 6, 7)

Add essential oil of Banlan and mix well for standby (Fig. 8 and 9)

Protein added sugar to neutral foaming to form protein paste (FIG. 10)

Add 13 protein paste to the paste (FIG. 11)

Turn over the remaining protein paste evenly with a scraper and turn it back to cheese paste (Fig. 12, 13)

Pour the cheese paste into the mold and shake the big bubbles (FIG. 14 and 15)

Place the baking pan about 1cm cold water into the mold

The oven is finished by the second layer of the last baking (FIG. 16)

Take out the baked cake and let it cool at room temperature (FIG. 17)