How to make the egg cake with leek and shrimp delicious

Ingredients: 50 g of river shrimp, 1 small leek, 2 eggs

Seasoning: 2G salt, proper starch, a little water and a little oil

How to make the egg cake with leek and shrimp delicious

The practice of egg cake with leek and shrimp

How to make the egg cake with leek and shrimp delicious

1. wash the river shrimp, and cut the shrimp gun and shrimp feet with scissors.

How to make the egg cake with leek and shrimp delicious

2. heat up with a little oil in the pan, pour shrimp into the pan and stir fry to change color.

3. add a little salt to seasoning, and then slowly lean the shrimp through with a small fire. The dried shrimp is very dry and fragrant. At a time, you can make more in the fresh-keeping box, and keep it in the refrigerator. It can be kept for about a week. The soup can be added with several fresh ones, or the fried tofu with winter melon is delicious. This is an essential food reserve for the house people.

4. well, focus on omelets. Prepare eggs and leeks to wash.

5. beat the egg into a deep bowl, add salt, starch and clear water to shake well. In fact, it is better to mix water and starch into water starch. But in order to make it more intuitive, I add dry starch. Starch does not need too much but play a better role in setting. Remember if it is added dry starch, it is necessary to stir it carefully until the small particles in the egg liquid completely disappear that ‘s ok.

6. cut leek into thin sections, add it to the egg liquid and stir well.

7. take the pan flat, brush a thin layer of oil with a brush, do not brush too much, as long as a thin layer can be used.

8. pour the egg liquid evenly into the pan, turn the pan to make the egg liquid into a circle, and then it can be turned into a small fire, a hrefhttp:www.jiachangcai123.comji target_ Blank> the bed is closed by the

9. the important step is coming. The fire has been turned into a small fire. In order to make the egg cake mature at the same time, cover it with a pot and fry it for 2 minutes.

10. when you see the egg cake forming, you can open the pan cover, shake the pan, and you can see that the egg cake can be easily moved in the pan.

11. but there are still some immature places on the surface and middle of the egg cake. It is only possible to turn over. The novice turns over the egg cake most easily. Take a pan with a flat bottom similar to the size of the egg cake and buckle it on the egg cake.

12. lift the pan and turn it over, and the egg cake will easily turn over to the plate. The surface of the river shrimp becomes the bottom, and the bottom surface becomes the surface again. It is very simple.

13. turn over the egg cake and carefully put it on the pan. Continue to fry the original surface and middle part with a small fire.

14. in the same way, buckle the plate on the egg cake again.

15. once again, raise the pan, reverse, fry the golden yellow and attractive shrimp leek egg cake to succeed. It is up to you to keep the egg shape or slice the plate.

The drama exhort

1. the omelette must be careful and patient, and it cannot be turned early.

2. without pan fried egg cake without pan, it is a technical work. I have not practiced it for several times, which is extremely recommended! But in my experience, it is also fried eggs. The only difference between frying pan and pan is that when using frying pan, you should put more oil, and only brush a thin layer of oil with a pan.

3. pour the egg liquid into the pan and put the shrimp. It can make the shrimp all on the surface of the egg cake. There is a beautiful layer of shrimp on the fried egg cake.