How to make the egg cake with onion

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 250 grams of flour, 12 carrots, 1 handful of chives, proper amount of water

Seasoning: 2G salt, a little oil

How to make the egg cake with onion

How to make egg cake with Scallion

How to make the egg cake with onion

1. Prepare the ingredients.

How to make the egg cake with onion

2. Peel the carrots, cut them into large pieces with a knife and put them into the cooking box.

3. Press carrot pieces into fine powder with garlic press.

4. Take a deep bowl, pour in flour, knock in eggs, and pour in some water.

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6. Until the flour is mixed into a batter with uniform flow rate, set aside, wash the scallions and cut them into scallions.

7. Put the scallion and carrot into the batter and mix well.

8. Heat the pan and coat it with a thin layer of oil.

9. Pour in the batter and turn it into a pan. Let the batter spread evenly on the bottom of the pan and form a round cake. Cover the pan and simmer over low heat until it condenses.

10. Carefully shake the pan, and find that the egg cake can move freely. Turn it over quickly, then cover the pan, and simmer the other side until it condenses.

Play and exhort

1. The last two steps can be completed by referring to the detailed diagram of frying the perfect omelet.

You can also make a fresh egg roll according to your preference. 2.

3. The fruits and vegetables in the egg cake should be cut into small pieces to taste good. Ha ha, please try your best. This garlic presser is the sixth garlic presser in my family. When I went to the supermarket, I found that they were on sale, but I couldn’t help it….

4. Do not add enough water at one time, slowly add until it is suitable. The prepared batter should be fine and smooth without particles and have uniform flow rate.

5. The prepared egg cake can be eaten with tomato sauce. It is sour and sweet, which is very appetizing.