How to make the egg roll with Scallion

Egg rolls with Scallion

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 150g pork filling, 2 chives, 10ml raw extract, 3G sugar, 5g starch, a little salt

How to make the egg roll with Scallion

The practice of egg roll with Scallion

How to make the egg roll with Scallion

1. clean the onion, cut it into onion flowers, and stir the eggs evenly;

How to make the egg roll with Scallion

2. put pork filling into bowl, add raw extract, starch, sugar, salt and onion, stir evenly;

3. put a little oil in the pan, heat it with a small fire, pour in a proper amount of egg liquid, so that the egg liquid is evenly covered with the bottom of the pot. After the egg liquid solidifies, gently peel the edge of the egg skin with a spatula, then pour the whole egg skin into a large plate, and spread the remaining egg liquid into egg skin in turn;

4. take an egg skin, evenly spread a proper amount of meat filling on the egg skin, then lift one end of the egg skin and roll it inward to form an egg roll;

5. steam the egg roll in a steamer for 8 minutes, take out the egg roll, and cut it into a centimeter thick section after a bit of cooling.

Food tips

1. Onion can also be used only according to the taste of children, green without onion.

2. Pork stuffing is best to take some fat parts of the hind or front leg meat, meat quality delicate children will love to eat.