How to make the lotus root cake delicious

Raw materials: 500g pork filling, 1 lotus root

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of onion, 1 spoon of ginger, 2 spoons of raw extract, 1 spoon for old tea, 1 spoon for pepper and 1 spoon for salt

How to make the lotus root cake delicious

The process of making the lotus root cake in fragrant sauce:

1. peel and cut into pieces (the lotus root is very fragmented without cutting);

2. put onion and ginger in the meat filling;

3. put pepper, raw, old, salt, and stir evenly;

4. add appropriate amount of water into the meat filling, stir the meat filling. Know the viscosity as shown in the figure, and this state can be done;

5. add lotus root to stir evenly;

6. take the flat pan, put a proper amount of oil in the pan, very little oil, take a piece of meat filling, rub it into a circle, put it into a medium pressure into cake shape, fry in medium and small heat;

7. fry one golden yellow, fry the other side on the opposite side. You can make the pot if you know that both sides turn golden yellow. The delicious snack is very fragrant. The skin is scorched and the meat is full of flavor. Lotus root can alleviate the greasy feeling of meat filling. It is crisp and crisp. If you like, you can try it in Spring Festival.

Food tips:

1. the meat filling should be fat and thin, about 7 points thin 3 points, or 8 points thin 2 points of fat can be;

2. the lotus root needs not be chopped to be very fragmented, and the taste of the lotus root should be kept;

3. the meat filling should be stirred to a viscous state, and some water should be properly poured in, so that the fried meat cake is soft and tender and juicy;

4. the amount of salt shall be increased or decreased according to the taste of the family;

5. when frying, you must drain less oil, and you can fry it with a little oil, and fry it over medium and small fires;

6. when both sides are golden, you can adjust a juice when eating, dip in chili sauce, garlic paste and oil and vinegar juice are very good.