How to make the onion and the curly

The flowers are soft, fragrant, salty and palatable.

Material Science

Ingredients: 2500g wheat flour, 10g yeast, 60g peanut oil, 250g scallion, 15g salt


Put the flour on the worktable, mix the fresh yeast with warm water to make a paste, pour it into the flour, add 500g of warm water, mix well and knead it thoroughly, cover it with cloth and let it stand for 1 hour to ferment (not too much), then knead well and knead it thoroughly to form the fermented flour.

2. Knead the fermented noodles into 0.5cm thick strips, press them flat and roll them into 0.2cm thick rectangular pieces. Brush the dough with oil, sprinkle with fine salt and scallion, roll the strips from the outside to the inside, then cut them into 7cm long rolls with a knife. Take a chopstick and press it in the middle of the rolls to turn up the rolled lines on both sides. Fold the rolled pieces and press them in the middle with chopsticks In this way, the pattern on both sides can be turned more clearly.

3. Put the green body into the steamer, let it stand for a while, put it on the boiling water pot and steam for 10 minutes with high heat.