How to make the soup delicious

This week, the school's press department worked in the prize news prize winner workshop, and had no classes to attend. It was 11 o'clock every morning, and I lay in bed thinking about what to eat for this brunch? OK, I'll do whatever's in the fridge. The rest of the potatoes, shrimp, tomatoes, tofu, and purple vegetables, scallops, OK, combined!!

Material Science

Potatoes, shrimp, tomatoes, tofu, and lavender, scallops


1. Chop the shrimp into shrimp minced, mash potatoes, add a little flour, black pepper, salt, and then start frying, taste amazing!! The outside is scorched, the potatoes inside are delicate, and the chewing power of shrimp is fresh and sweet!! MYGOD!!

2. This tomato tofu soup has no technical content, is to cook all kinds of materials together, COO!! Tofu is so happy, the tomato red oil is out, the soup is beautiful, add a little scallop, good fresh, if there is some green green! Purple vegetables are also very good!!