How to make tomato and potato pancakes

The north people can make pasta. One kind of noodles can make a variety of main foods. Leisure food is one of them. At first, they know that this kind of staple food is also known from their mother-in-law. In fact, it is a cake made from various dishes, flour and eggs. I don't know what happened that day. I suddenly wanted to make breakfast with tomatoes. The breakfast made with it was very delicious and it was very easy. More importantly, nutrition was also comprehensive! More importantly, there is no technical content!

Actually, I want to join the kitchen bar seven night meal matching activities. Because I made spicy potato cakes some days ago, I wanted to use my husband to match it with this potato cake. Ha ha, why the two people so actively participate in is a reason drop, what reason temporarily do not say, but this year’s seventh Eve Festival is very meaningful for us, and later also Oh, ha ha! If you can match successfully, it will be a great addition!

Material Science

One potato, one tomato, two eggs, a small cup of flour, a little salt, a little fragrant oil, a little edible oil, a little baking soda, a little water


1. cut potatoes into water and cut them into the center for spare;

2. add eggs into flour, add a little salt and baking soda, add a little water to mix well, add a few drops of fragrant oil and potato silk to mix well;

3. add tomato heart and mix well into batter. After preheating the bell, brush a layer of edible oil, put the tomato ring on the cake bell and pour the batter into the mixed batter. Then, turn both sides to golden yellow.


The batter must be soft, too hard to taste; the tomato is added with a light sour sweet taste.