How to make tomato Qifeng cake roll

Tomato Qifeng cake roll

Materials: four eggs, 70 g of fine sugar (egg yolk 30 g, protein 40 g), 45 g tomato juice, 80g low gluten flour and 40 g corn oil.

How to make tomato Qifeng cake roll

The method of tomato Qifeng cake roll

How to make tomato Qifeng cake roll

1. filter tomato juice and keep juice for standby;

How to make tomato Qifeng cake roll

2. add 30 g of fine sugar to egg yolk and stir evenly;

How to make tomato Qifeng cake roll

3. add salad oil and tomato juice respectively, stir well with manual egg beater;

4. sift in flour, stir it into a uniform batter with egg beater for standby;

5. the protein was beaten to the shape of coarse bubble by electric beater, and then added fine sugar twice to quickly hit the small hook with a slightly long length when lifting the egg beating head;

6. take about 13 of the protein, add it into the batter before, and mix it slightly with a rubber scraper;

7. add the remaining protein, then gently scrape it from the bottom of the container and mix well;

8. pour the mixed batter into the baking pan which has been spread in advance, and then smooth with a scraper;

9. preheat the oven, 180 degrees, middle layer, bake for 25 minutes (the specific temperature and time can be adjusted according to the oven). After baking, exit the oven, take out the cake immediately, tear open the baking paper around and dry to a low temperature;

10. cut the dried cake embryo away from the body side with a knife and cut it away at a 45 degree angle (so that it will be firm after rolling up), then spread jam on the cake embryo, roll it up from the near body side, lift the baking paper, and then roll the baking paper away from the cake embryo. Finally, the baking paper will be wrapped outside the cake roll. After the roll is finished, put it in the refrigerator with baking paper and refrigerate it for 30 times Set in minutes, take out baking paper and slice it for food.