How to make traditional cheese cake

Traditional Cheesecake

Materials: 133g (180g), 104g (140g) yoghurt oil, 111ml (150ml), 89g (120g), 40g (1 egg), 15g (1 20g) yolk, 3 tbsp (4 tbsp) corn starch, 1 and 12 tbsp lemon juice, 90g (100g) digested biscuit, 35g (40g) of salt free butter.

How to make traditional cheese cake

Traditional cheese cake

How to make traditional cheese cake

1. Put the digested biscuit into the fresh-keeping bag, crush with rolling stick, add melted butter, and stir evenly. Fill in the mold, compact with spoon, refrigerate for more than half an hour (picture forgotten, next time fill in)

How to make traditional cheese cake

2. Soften cheese at room temperature, scrape with scraper until smooth

How to make traditional cheese cake

3. Stir well with yoghurt oil

4. Add sugar and stir evenly with egg beater

5. Then add yolk, whole egg and lemon juice, stir well

6. Add cream in steps, continue to add corn starch

7. Stir in a uniform cheese paste

8. The mold is wrapped with tin paper, the cheese paste is poured into the mold, put it in the preheated oven, and the water bath method is used. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees, and then bake 35-40 minutes at 170 degrees

9. Refrigerated overnight cut pieces for food, and taste better

hot tip

1. I am 180 degrees 15 minutes about baking time, 170 degrees 35 minutes later (actually it has been baked, but the surface is not colored), I turn 200 degrees to bake for 10 minutes to the surface color, during which time, I should keep the oven to prevent the scorch

2. As for yoghurt oil, large supermarkets sell it. If not, it can be mixed with cream and lemon juice. 200ml light cream plus 2 tablespoons of lemon juice can be used until the thick refrigerator is refrigerated

3. After the cake is ready, the refrigerator will have a better taste overnight. When eating, it should be accompanied by black tea or coffee. Ha ha