How to make tuna pizza

Pizza cake material: (8-inch-2)

High powder 210 g, low powder 90g, water 195g, olive oil 20 g, sugar 15g, yeast 3 G, milk powder 12g

How to make tuna pizza

Pizza filling material:

How to make tuna pizza

Canned tuna 12 cans, sausage 2, mozzarella cheese 150g, green pepper 1, homemade pizza sauce 2 tbsp

How to make tuna pizza

Tuna pizza practice

How to make tuna pizza

1. Mix all pizza ingredients.

How to make tuna pizza

2. Knead to the extension stage.

How to make tuna pizza

3. Ferment to twice the size.

4. Take out the fermented dough and press to discharge the gas from the dough.

5. Roll into pasta of the same size as pizza plate.

6. Brush the pizza plate with oil, spread the cake, press it into a thin bottom with four weeks thick, and then fork some holes in the middle of the cake with a fork to prevent expansion during baking.

7. The pasta is fermented at room temperature for 20 minutes, then brush with the pizza sauce prepared in advance.

8. Cut the green pepper in half, cut it into green pepper ring, slice the sausage, slice the mozzarella cheese into a shred, and take out the tuna for spare.

9. Spread a layer of cheese.

10. Sprinkle the green pepper.

11. Spread the tuna.

12. Spread sausage slices and green pepper circles.

13. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese.

14. The Beatles oven opens the pizza function, and the middle layer is roasted for about 15 minutes. (200 degrees for other ovens)

Food tips:

1. I remember to brush some oil in pizza pan to prevent sticking. I forgot to brush it. I was very depressed when cutting!

2. No pizza pan can be spread directly on the pan, it is the same. I used to bake pizza by laying oil paper on a direct baking plate, baking a big, unrestricted pizza.