How to make walnut cake with yogurt

Yogurt Walnut Cake

Materials: 3 native eggs, homemade yogurt 135g, low gluten powder 50g, corn starch 15g, fine granulated sugar 40g, walnut 50g

How to make walnut cake with yogurt

Mold: 6 inches

How to make walnut cake with yogurt

How to make walnut cake with yoghurt

How to make walnut cake with yogurt

1. Put the walnut meat into the grinder to crush and reserve.

How to make walnut cake with yogurt

2. Fig. 1. Yogurt is taken out of the refrigerator 15 minutes in advance.

How to make walnut cake with yogurt

3. Fig. 2. Separate the yolk from the protein, put the yolk into the yogurt, and put the protein into the oil-free and water-free egg basin.

4. Fig. 3. Mix the yogurt and egg yolk evenly with a hand blender.

5. Fig. 4. Sift the low gluten flour and corn starch into the stirred egg yolk yogurt paste.

6. Fig. 1. Mix the powder evenly with a scraper. At this time, the screened powder will be a little loaded with particles. As long as you stir more, the particles will melt away.

7. Fig. 2. Beat the egg white with electric beater at low speed until there are some small bubbles, then add the fine granulated sugar three times to mix.

8. Fig. 3. Beat the protein until it foams hard. When the beater is lifted, the protein will not drop and will form a sharp corner.

9. Fig. 4. Take the 14 whipped protein and put it into the yogurt batter. The top and bottom are even.

10. Fig. 1. Finally, pour all the yoghurt batter into the protein and turn it over evenly.

11. Fig. 2. Pour half of the cake paste into the mold.

12. Fig. 3. Sprinkle walnut powder on the cake paste.

13. Fig. 4. Continue to pour in the rest of the cake paste, smooth the instant noodles, shake a few times to remove bubbles. Preheat 170 degrees in the oven and use the water bath method. Cover the bottom of the mold with tin foil to prevent moisture from seeping into the cake. Put it into the baking tray, add hot water at 170 ℃ and bake in the middle layer for 50 minutes. After coloring the surface, cover it with tin foil and continue to bake.

14. After baking, put it in the oven to cool naturally, without inversion.

Food tips

1. I use native eggs. If I use ordinary grass eggs, I use two.

2. Yogurt must be at room temperature 15 minutes in advance. If the yogurt is too cold, it will be difficult to stir when sifting in the powder; moreover, the caked powder is difficult to melt.

3. Walnut powder can also be mixed in the cake paste, and finally poured into the cake paste to mix evenly.

4. I sprinkled some sugar powder on the surface, or I can use cocoa powder instead.

5. It is recommended to cool the cake naturally in the oven after baking, because the yogurt cake is different from Qifeng cake; the moisture content of yogurt cake is more than Qifeng cake, so it will not collapse if it is cooled naturally in the oven.