How to make walnut renhuafu cake

Walnut renhuafu cake

Ingredients: 300g flour, 2G yeast, 50g honey, 2G salt, 20g walnut oil, 77g whole egg liquid, 82G milk, broken walnut kernel

How to make walnut renhuafu cake

Practice of walnut renhuafu cake

How to make walnut renhuafu cake

1. Put the walnuts into the baking pan, put the pan into the middle layer of the preheated oven, bake at 160 ℃ for about 10 minutes, cool in the air and cut up for standby;

How to make walnut renhuafu cake

2. Put the whole egg liquid, honey, salt, walnut oil and milk into the steel basin, mix well, add flour, yeast, mix into dough, add chopped walnut kernel, knead the dough to the expansion stage, round the dough, cover and ferment to 2.5 times the size;

How to make walnut renhuafu cake

3. Take out the fermented dough, divide it into uniform small dough after exhausting, and round them one by one;

How to make walnut renhuafu cake

4. After rounding, let the dough relax for 5 minutes, then let it out one by one and let it relax for another 5 minutes;

5. When the waffle machine is powered on, the red light is on, and it starts to warm up. When the red light is off, open the top cover, put in two small dough, and cover the top cover;

6. At this time, the red light is on. When the red light goes out again, there is basically no steam next to the waffle machine, which means that it is OK;

7. Open the top cover of waffle machine, take out the baked waffle, continue to put two small dough, and repeat the above process;

8. Put the baked waffles on the baking net to cool naturally, and then put them in the fresh-keeping box to keep them warm;

It is said that waffles are divided into Belgian waffles and American waffles. I don’t seem to understand them.

Anyway, I know waffles are easy to make without firing. In my heart, they are divided into two kinds: dough and batter. These two kinds of production methods have their own advantages, one is like bread like dough, the other is like cake like batter, depending on the mood, which can be ha.

In fact, these two methods are very simple and delicious. The biggest advantage is that you can add a lot of accessories, such as nuts and dried fruits.

Waffle machine is easier to use than oven, don’t worry, temperature and time are fixed, don’t need to think, very suitable for me such a stupid and lazy person ha.