How to make wedding icing biscuits

Material Science

Egg 50g, butter 60g, low powder 180g, sugar 50g, egg white 20g, lemon 1, sugar powder 200g, a little pigment


1. Soften butter in warm place and add sugar.

2. Pass with the beater until the color becomes lighter.

3. Add egg liquid in small amount in times, beat until fluffy.

4. Sift in low powder.

5. And make a dough, put it in the freezer for half an hour.

6. Take out the rolling out into flakes, press out the shape with biscuit mold.

7. Lay a cloth under the pan.

8. Oven 170 degrees for 15 minutes.

9. Add the extruded lemon juice to the egg white.

10. Add sugar powder.

11. Beat with a beater until smooth.

12. Add a little color to color.

13. Put the frost in the flower mounting bag and cut a small mouth. When painting, first draw a circle of periphery on biscuit, and after the periphery is dried, you can fill in color and play freely.

14. After painting, put it in the ventilation area to dry, preferably to air for more than 12 hours.