How to make western style fried potato cake

Today, I found a western style potato cake when I was resting in a coffee bar with my friends. I came back to try it. It tastes good. I recommend it to you

Material Science

Potato 2, corn starch about 20 grams, salt amount, chicken essence 3 grams, edible oil 700 grams


1. Wash and shred 2 potatoes

2. Steam for 7 minutes and put in a container for standby

3. Stir about 20 grams of corn starch, 3 grams of chicken essence, and appropriate amount of salt into a paste

4. Place the mashed potatoes on the chopping board, press them to 1 cm thick skin shape by hand, and cut them into 3 cm small pieces with a knife

5. Heat the oil to 70% and fry the mashed potatoes until golden on both sides


1. When you steam potatoes with shredded potatoes, save heat and time.

2. As long as you don’t need to scald the potatoes, you can’t get through

3. Don’t stir the shredded potatoes too mushy, as long as they can be shaped

4. You can also make mashed potatoes into other shapes. Triangles, circles and rectangles will have more appetite