How to make white forest cake

White forest cake

Ingredients: an 8 inch Qifeng cake, 200ml animal cream, 20g sugar, right amount of white chocolate, right amount of fruit

How to make white forest cake

1. Make an 8-inch cake in advance.

2. Prepare the material and wash the fruit.

3. Cut the cake into two pieces. A yellow peach peeled and diced

4. White chocolate is cut into pieces with a planer. It’s not easy to make in hot weather.

5. Beat the cream with sugar until stiff. You can put the cream under the basin into the ice water, it is easier to send.

6. Cream a piece of cake and add diced peaches.

7. Then put a layer of cream on the yellow peach.

8. Cover another piece of cake with cream on both sides and top. I don’t have a spatula, so it’s rough.

9. Sprinkle chocolate chips evenly on the side and top of the cake.

10. Just put the fruit (as you like).