How to make white quinoa bean dregs egg cake

White quinoa bean dregs egg cake

Ingredients: resveratrol, soybean dregs

How to make white quinoa bean dregs egg cake


How to make white quinoa bean dregs egg cake

green soya beans

How to make white quinoa bean dregs egg cake

garden radish



The method of making egg cake with white quinoa bean dregs

1. Try to filter out the water from the residue of resveratrol and soybean, and reserve it;

2. Wash the carrot and dice it; wash the green beans and boil them in the water with salt and oil. Turn off the heat. Pour the carrot and dice into the boiling water of green beans and blanch for a while. Pour the two dices into the water basin and cool them in the flowing water to drain the water;

3. Half of the corn, as shown in the picture, and then cross cut a knife, that is, you can use your hand to quickly slice down the corn grain by grain (choose tender corn, you can eat it raw);

4. Mix the bean dregs, green beans, carrots and corn kernels together, crack an egg, add a small amount of salt, mix all the ingredients evenly, stand for a moment, and then add an appropriate amount of flour and a small amount of salt according to the water content of the bean dregs paste;

5. Preheat the electric cake pan, apply a small amount of oil, scoop a proper amount of batter with a spoon, put it into the electric cake pan, and form a round shape. After the bottom is solidified, gently push it open with a small spoon, that is, turn it over, fry the other side, and fry the other side until it is yellowish and solidified, then it can be served.

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