How to make white rose Cheese Mousse Cake

White rose Cheese Mousse Cake

Ingredients of milk Qifeng cake: (6-inch Sanneng cake round mold, no baking powder and other additives)

How to make white rose Cheese Mousse Cake

Three eggs, 35g low gluten flour, 20g chestnut flour (also called corn flour), 40g fine sugar (divide into 10g egg yolk, 30g egg yolk, 30g protein), 30g salad oil, 30g milk, 1g salt, a few drops of white vinegar,

How to make white rose Cheese Mousse Cake

Cheese Mousse filling ingredients: 120 grams of cream cheese, 300 grams of Nestle animal milk, 60 grams of sugar, 2 egg yolks, 2 pieces of gilding (5 grams)

How to make white rose Cheese Mousse Cake

Ingredients for white rose mounting: 200g Italian chillisa cream, right amount of cranberry imported from the United States

How to make white rose Cheese Mousse Cake

Here’s how to make the milk Chiffon Cake: detailed explanation with pictures and texts

How to make white rose Cheese Mousse Cake

Yogurt mousse filling method:

1: Refrigerate the cream overnight, shake it out a few times and put it into a clean egg beater. Add 60 grams of sugar and use an electric beater to beat it at low speed until it is thick and textured;

2: Pour in yogurt and mix well;

3: Soak in cold water for 5 minutes until soft, a hrefhttp:www.jiachangcai123.comji target_ Blank > the world’s most famous city

4: Pour the melted gilding into the sour granny oil paste and mix well, which is the yogurt mousse filling;

How to make white rose yogurt Mousse Cake: (use 7-inch square mold upside down to replace mousse ring)

1: First baked milk Qifeng cake, divided into three pieces, here only two pieces;

2: The bottom of the mousse ring or cake mould is wrapped with a layer of tin foil and placed on the mousse gasket;

3: Put a piece of Qifeng cake at the bottom of the mousse ring, pour in half of the yogurt mousse filling, lift the gasket and knock it on the table;

4: Put another slice of Qifeng cake, pour in the remaining half of yogurt mousse stuffing, lift the gasket and knock it on the table to make it smooth;

5: Cover a piece of tin foil on the top of the mousse ring, wrap it up, and refrigerate it for more than 4 hours;

6: Take the mousse out of the refrigerator and blow about ten times around the outside of the mousse ring with a hair dryer. Slowly lift the mousse ring with your hand to demould it. If you can’t lift it, blow it with a hair dryer;

7: The 150 grams of Odenberg cream can be completely whipped, and the egg beater can lift the cream to form a chicken tail. You can’t overdo it or not enough. This will affect the effect of mounting flowers (hee hee, I don’t do this very well, I have to work hard!) ;

8: Use the five tooth flower mouth to squeeze out the roses one after another, squeeze them from the center of the flower to the outside, and finally sprinkle the shredded dried cranberries. You can box them to your friends.

With Qifeng cake, the taste of mousse is more soft.

Cut a small piece and put it in your mouth. The smell of cream and cheese will overflow your mouth.