How to make white rose rolls

Material Science

Yeast water with strong powder


1. He Mian: three materials and hard dough, wake up to 2.5-3 times;

2. Make type: rub out the air in the dough, rub the growth Strip, cut into small dosage forms, make the core skin small in the middle, roll into dumpling skin like round pieces, pay attention to thin and thick middle on the side. 4 or 5 in one group, staggered, rolled up, and twisted into two flowers from the middle. Arrange the flower type and put it in a cold water pan;

3. Steam: turn on the fire, and cook about 12 minutes after steam. Adjust the time according to the amount of curl.


1. And dough to be hard, soft easy to walk, after good type, wake up also easy to walk type;

2. When the face rises, it is necessary to have enough hair, and only if the hair is big enough, the good type can not be steamed directly for the second time, so it can rise very well;

3. Noodles are in place, and the steamed food is delicious.