How to make wine cake delicious

Wine cake

Cake skin: flour, wine, sugar

How to make wine cake delicious

Meat filling: red sugar, flour

How to make wine cake delicious

The practice of making wine cakes

How to make wine cake delicious

1. Stir the wine with warm water and add it to flour. Stir it into snowflake like while adding it. Knead it into smooth dough. Cover the wet cloth and put it in the warm place and ferment to twice the size.

How to make wine cake delicious

2. The dough is taken out and kneaded, divided into two equal parts, and then divided into small dosage forms of equal size.

3. Take a small dosage form and press flat, roll it into cake shape, that is, the original wine cake. Cover the fresh film and wake up for about 30 minutes.

4. Take a small dosage form, roll into a thin skin, wrap it with red sugar filling or other stuffing like bean paste and sesame. Then roll it into cake shape after closing and squeezing, and cover the fresh-keeping film for 30 minutes.

5. Add a little oil after the pan is heated, turn to a small fire, put the cake blank, cover and fry to one side of the pan. Turn the pan over to the other side and then turn yellow. Add half bowl of water. It is no longer one third of the cake. Cover and turn medium heat. After the water is dried, open the cover and fry it to golden yellow.

Food tips:

1. If you worry about the fermentation time of pure wine is too long, add a little powder, I admit I added a little bit of HA.

2. Red sugar filling: red sugar and flour in about 4:1 ratio to mix evenly. You can also change it into any filling you like.

3. When packing red sugar, you must pinch tightly to prevent missing filling.