How to make xiaolongtangbao delicious

The biggest selling point of Xiaolong soup dumpling is the juicy stuffing. A mouthful of juice.

Baozi Stuffed with Juicy Pork

How to make xiaolongtangbao delicious

Raw materials of pork jelly: 100g pork skin, 1000g water, 1g salt,

How to make xiaolongtangbao delicious

Ingredients: a little dumpling skin, 130g pork jelly, 130g pork, 0.5g onion and ginger powder, 3G salt, 5g soy sauce, 2G sugar, 5g cooking wine, 30g water

How to make xiaolongtangbao delicious

Raw materials of baozi skin: 200g flour, 95-100g water.

How to make xiaolongtangbao delicious

Portion: about 28

How to make xiaolongtangbao delicious

Practice of steamed bun

How to make xiaolongtangbao delicious

1. Wash the skin and remove the pig hair.

2. Then boil the skin with water

3. After cooking, remove the fat with a knife

Then cut the skin into shreds

5. Cut the skin into shreds, add 800-1000 grams of water and cook for a while

6. Cook until the skin is slightly rotten. Pour the skin water into the blender,

7. Stir into paste

8. Add salt and bring to a boil again

9. Put the broth into a rectangular mold

10. Cover it and put it in the refrigerator for one night

11. Take it out the next day and turn it upside down

12, cut into the right size with a knife and set aside.

13, and then cut into small pieces, the amount of frozen skin and the amount of stuffing equal.

14. Cut the meat into small pieces

15, and then cut into minced meat

16. Add onion and ginger powder to the meat, soy sauce, salt, sugar, cooking wine and water to the minced meat to absorb.

17. Add the meat jelly and stir well

18. The key is to roll a little skin of steamed stuffed bun and make sure it is thin. Cold water and noodles.

19. Wrap in meat

20, wrapped in a bun shape

21. A 15 cm steamer can hold 10-14 dumplings. Put it into the steamer covered with silicone paper and boil for 8 minutes. That’s it.

Flying snow has something to say

1. When making skin jelly, the amount of water is easy to dry. So add more water at a time.

2. If the meat itself is directly filled, it will be relatively dry, so adding a small amount of water can make the meat more delicious.

3. Because there should be soup in the soup bag, adding the same proportion of meat jelly will make the taste better. Juicy.