How to make yeerba delicious

The following is a detailed introduction of the method of ye'erba, which will teach you how to make ye'erba and how to make ye'erba delicious. Many people say it's difficult to cook. In fact, it's very easy to look at the steps and the pictures, and it's easy to do it!

Main ingredient: glutinous rice flour

Accessories: rice noodles and pomelo leaves

Seasoning: lard, salt water, soy sauce, wine and pepper

The detailed production steps are as follows:

The recipe of Sichuan yeerba is arranged and provided by Xiaobian

First: the main raw material of ye’erba is glutinous rice flour. You can also add some rice flour to adjust the hardness and viscosity. You can also use flour to increase the amount of rice flour, half to half. To ensure the taste, you can also add a little lard. After kneading the dough evenly,

Put it aside and wake up.

Second: prepare the grapefruit leaves of baoyeerba. After washing, soak them in salt water.

Third: prepare the stuffing, marinate the minced meat with soy sauce, cooking wine and pepper for a while, add some oil, stir fry the minced vanilla, add the minced meat, add some Chinese prickly ash noodles and scallion to improve the flavor, and then let it cool.

Fourth: divide the dough into small dosage forms, knead it round, flatten it, wrap it in stuffing, then knead it into a rectangle and put it on grapefruit leaves. Cut the pomelo leaves in half, put the wrapped yeerba in the middle of the pomelo leaves, and stick the glutinous rice balls on both sides of the leaves to prevent the yeerba from sticking together.

Fifth: after boiling the water in the steamer, put it into the prepared billet. Because the stuffing is cooked, it only takes 5 minutes for the fire.

The above is about the practice of home style menu [Sichuan ye’erba]. Have you learned it? Thank you very much for your attention!