How to make yellow rose rolls

Material Science

Flour, pumpkin, salt, sugar, yeast powder


1. peel pumpkin and cut into pieces, then steam it in microwave oven and press into mud with a spoon

2. put the machine into a more delicate operation. This process can add some water, but do not add too much. The feeding function can be turned

3. add some salt and sugar to the flour, stir well, mix with yeast powder, and then put in the dried pumpkin mud

4. knead the dough with hand to form a soft and hard dough, and then buckle the cover and put it under room temperature fermentation

5. put the fermented dough on the board and knead it evenly

6. divide into uniform dosage forms, each 6 of which is a group, take one to form a cylindrical shape, and the rest “roll into pieces”, and put them in place as shown in the figure

7. roll up and wrap the cylinder in the middle

8. split the middle into two by scraper

9. cut face down, hand to form two rose shapes