How to make yogurt and nut cake

Yogurt and nut cake

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 120g low gluten flour, 80g fine granulated sugar, 15g corn oil, 30g original yogurt, 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, proper amount of sesame, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, walnut kernels, almond slices and raisins (optional)

How to make yogurt and nut cake

The practice of yogurt and nut cake

How to make yogurt and nut cake

1. Put corn oil, yogurt and vanilla in a large bowl;

How to make yogurt and nut cake

2. Use the hand to pull hard to completely blend together, basically can’t see the oil;

How to make yogurt and nut cake

3. Put the egg and sugar into another big bowl to make sure the bowl is very clean without water and oil;

How to make yogurt and nut cake

4. The key is that the toothpick is inserted about 1cm and can not stand down, so it can be regarded as the right place to send;

How to make yogurt and nut cake

5. Sift in low gluten flour twice;

6. Use hand pumping, pressing, turning, cross drawing and other methods to stir until the dry powder can not be seen, and then screen the second time, and use the same method to stir until the dry powder can not be seen;

7. Change the rubber scraper, take part of the batter and add it to the mixed liquid;

8. Cut and mix evenly;

9. Pour 8 back into the batter;

10. Still use the scraper to cut and mix evenly to form a fine, smooth and stable cake batter;

11. Pour the cake batter into the mould, about 8% full;

12. Sprinkle with melon seeds, nuts or raisins, etc;

13. Put in a 180 degree oven, cool to 170 degrees and bake for 15 to 20 minutes;

14. Before baking, try to cook with bamboo stick: insert the bamboo stick into the bottom of the cake and pull it out. If there is no sticky paste on the bamboo stick, it is cooked.

Food tips:

1. Whole egg whipping is the key to success. We should be patient: first beat the cake quickly until it foams and the sugar melts; then beat the cake slowly at medium speed; finally turn the cake to low speed to break the big bubbles, which can make the finished cake delicate. Pay attention to the degree of whipping: blistering fine and smooth, toothpick inserted 1cm can not fall.

2. If you don’t have enough confidence in whipping the whole egg, you can use baking powder appropriately. This amount of egg can be added with 12 teaspoons baking powder.

3. The baking time and temperature are adjusted according to the temperature of the oven.

4. I want to mix a little whole wheat flour in low gluten flour, because whole grain is the best source of carbohydrates, which is healthier than refined grain. I just don’t know how much effect it has on the taste and taste of the finished product. If you are interested, you can try it.