How to make yogurt cheese mousse cake

Yogurt Cheese Mousse Cake

Material (one 6-inch circular mold)

How to make yogurt cheese mousse cake

Biscuit bottom: sugar free digested biscuit 60g, salt free butter 30g

How to make yogurt cheese mousse cake

Cheesemoth filling: cream cheese 100g, fine sugar 30g, lemon juice 12g, Gillette half piece (2.5G), cold water 20 g, animal Cream 100ml

Mousse stuffing: 120 g of original yoghurt, 20 g sugar powder, 12g lemon juice, 1 piece of Geely dice, 35g cold water, 100ml animal cream

The method of Yogurt Cheese Mousse Cake

A: Bottom part:

1. Put the digested biscuit into the fresh-keeping bag, roll it into pieces with rolling stick, melt the butter into liquid after water separation, and then put the biscuit into pieces and stir evenly;

2. Put into cake mould, compact, refrigerate for more than half an hour in refrigerator;

B: Cheese Mousse filling:

1. Cream cheese is softened by water, and then added with fine sugar to stir evenly;

2. Stir lemon juice evenly;

3. Put half of the Chely dice into cold water and soften. Then heat the bowl in hot water, melt the slices in water, and pour the water into the cheese paste;

4. Then add the cream to mix well, then pour into the frozen bottom of the cake. Refrigerate for 1 hour until it is completely set;

C: Mousse stuffing with yoghurt:

1. Stir the original yoghurt with sugar powder evenly;

2. Add lemon juice and stir evenly;

3. Put one piece of Geely dice into cold water, and heat the cold water until the flake melts after softening;

4. Pour the melted water into yoghurt and stir evenly;

5. Send cream to the striated shape, pour into the yoghurt, cut and mix evenly, and then form yogurt mousse;

6. Take out frozen cake, then pour yogurt mousse filling into the refrigerator for more than 4 hours until it is frozen.

hot tip

1. Yogurt can also be used with fruit;

2. If lemon juice can not buy fresh lemon, it can be concentrated lemon juice;

3. The cream in the two mousse fillings can be sent at once and refrigerated in the refrigerator;

4. Freezing can shorten the solidification time, but it is not suitable to freeze for too long, otherwise there will be ice slag.