How to make yogurt Qifeng cake delicious

Yogurt Chiffon Cake

Egg yolk paste: 5 yolks, 30g white sugar, 80g salad oil, 80g sour grandma, 120 g low powder, 1g salt, 2, 3 drops of white vinegar, 3 grams of baking powder, 10 cherries, 150 g cream

How to make yogurt Qifeng cake delicious

Protein paste: 5 protein, 60 g fine sugar

How to make yogurt Qifeng cake delicious

The method of yoghurt Qifeng cake

How to make yogurt Qifeng cake delicious

1. Egg yolk separation, protein containing basin to ensure no oil and water, the best use of stainless steel basin.

How to make yogurt Qifeng cake delicious

2. Add a few drops of white vinegar, beat the egg white with an electric beater until the thick bubble, add 20 grams of sugar.

How to make yogurt Qifeng cake delicious

3, keep stirring until the protein becomes thicker and thicker, then add 20 grams of sugar to continue.

4. When the egg beater is lifted, the protein can pull out a short, upright sharp angle, indicating that the dry foaming state is reached and the stirring can be stopped.

5. Add 30 g Sugar to yolk, and gently disperse with a manual eggbeater. Don’t pass the yolk

6. Add yoghurt and stir evenly

7. Add vegetable oil in several times and stir evenly.

8. Sift low powder, salt and baking powder into egg yolk paste, stir until no granules are found

9. Put one third of the protein into the yolk paste, gently turn it from the bottom to the top with a rubber scraper. Do not stir in circles to avoid the protein defoaming

10. After mixing evenly, pour all the remaining 23 proteins into the yolk paste, and mix them evenly with the same method until the protein and yolk paste are fully mixed.

11. Pour the mixed cake paste into the mold, smooth it, hold the mold by hand and shake it twice on the table, and shake the air bubble out of the inside. Preheat the oven 160 degrees, and fire for 30 minutes. The baked cake is taken out of the oven and then folded on the cooling rack until it is cooled.

12. Cream is sent to a fine pattern without disappearing

13. Slice the cooled cake, apply cream and decorate with cherry

Food tips

1. The time of the oven depends on the oven

2. It tastes better after refrigerated in refrigerator