How to make yogurt sesame pancakes

Sesame pancakes with yogurt for a taste

Raw materials and condiments: 250g high gluten flour, 1 egg, 100g yoghurt, 3 G yeast, 40g sugar or sugar powder, 1 spoon honey, proper amount of white sesame, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

How to make yogurt sesame pancakes

The practice of sesame pancakes with yoghurt

How to make yogurt sesame pancakes

1: Flour, yeast, sugar into the bowl, and put in an egg.

How to make yogurt sesame pancakes

2: Pour in yogurt, stir with chopsticks while pouring.

3: Then pour honey and stir into snowflakes.

4: Knead with your hands to make a smoother dough.

5: Cover the fresh film and leave it at room temperature for half an hour or so to double the size.

6: Put the dough on the board and divide it into 50 grams of flour.

7: Knead into a round cake by hand.

8: The dough is smooth and smooth, and then it is brushed with water, and it is buckled in a bowl with sesame. The surface is coated with sesame.

9: Heat the pan with small heat with little oil. Cover the pan and fry the cake for about 10 minutes. Turn over the pan until both sides are golden.

Food tips

1: The room temperature is high, so it ferments very quickly. Add more sugar, accelerate the fermentation process, and it will be ready in about half an hour. Summer also has the advantage of summer, ha ha!

2: Make sure to fry with the smallest heat, otherwise it is easy to fry the surface layer, and the inside is still raw. Also can fry with water, when the bottom pan yellow, pour water to cover fry can also be.