How to make Yuqian egg cake delicious

Main ingredients: egg, flour, Yuqian

Accessories: vegetable oil, salt, chive

How to make Yuqian egg cake delicious

The production process of Yuqian egg cake is as follows

1. Remove the tail of elm, soak in water with salt for 10 minutes, wash and drain the water, wash and chop the chives, and break the eggs;

2. Mix the flour with eggs and water, add Yuqian and shallot powder, then mix them into batter, add a few drops of vegetable oil and salt;

3. Heat the pan, add a little vegetable oil, heat 70% of the oil, scoop a spoonful of batter, shake the pan two times to make the batter evenly spread in the pan, wait for the batter to set and solidify, shake the pan, turn over and continue to fry until golden.

Food tips:

1. If the batter is scattered around irregularly, it means that the batter is too thick. Add a little water in the batter to mix evenly;

2. Slow fried over low heat, like to eat chili sauce or tomato sauce can be smeared on top;

3. Like to eat thick cakes, the batter is thicker, on the contrary, it is thinner.