How to make Zhixiang roasted roll delicious

Material Science

125g common flour, 75g milk, 10g fine sugar, 2G yeast powder, 2G baking powder, proper amount of white sesame, little black pepper, a little salt, a little bit of vegetable oil


1. add the baking powder to the flour

2. add fine sugar

3. heat milk slightly to a little temperature, pour it into yeast, rest for a moment, stir evenly to form yeast solution

4. flour is surrounded by volcanic shape, pour yeast solution into the middle of the depression

5. stir flour with chopsticks a little bit

6. stir until flour is in large snow

7. knead the dough into smooth dough by hand, put on wet cloth in the basin, and put it in the warm place for fermentation

8. sprinkle a little dry flour on the dough, take out the dough after fermentation, exhaust it again, knead it round, and roll it into rectangular sheet

9. brush a little vegetable oil

10. sprinkle with a little black pepper

11. sprinkle a little salt

12. roll up from the long side of both sides to the middle, and roll to the center at the same time

13. cut into small segments with a knife

14. knead the two sections face to face with the cross section facing up

15. brush a layer of oil at the cross section

16. sprinkle a little white sesame, preheat the oven at 200 degrees, bake for about 20 minutes

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