How to make zongzi delicious

In a few days' time, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month will be our traditional Dragon Boat Festival. There are many dragon boat races and hanging moxa leaves. There are many customs in the Dragon Boat Festival, among which eating zongzi is a very important content, which is indispensable to every household. After years of continuous improvement, zongzi has a variety of tastes, but eat to eat, like or childhood most often eat red bean zongzi, rice, beans, Zongye Xiang, natural flavor, but also the most memorable flavor ~

Material Science

600 grams of glutinous rice, 30 grams of red beans, 50 pieces of fresh Zongye, a number of cotton thread


1. Soak glutinous rice and red beans in cold water for 12 hours in advance, and mix them together for use;

2. Two pieces of rice dumpling leaves are overlapped, rolled up into a bucket, filled with glutinous rice and red beans, wrapped and tied tightly with cotton thread;

3. After the water is boiled, put the wrapped rice dumplings into the rice dumplings. Soak the rice dumplings in the water. After the water is rolled up again, cook for about 3 hours until cooked;

How to make zongzi delicious

Material Science

Raw materials of fresh meat dumplings: top quality Huarou, salt, sugar, touchou, Shaojiu, peanut oil, glutinous rice

Ingredients: sweet bean paste, glutinous rice, red bean, water, peanut oil


[fresh meat dumplings]

1. Pickling of pork: it’s better to marinate the pork with seasoning for one night and use it again the next day, which will be more delicious.

2. Glutinous rice does not need to be soaked. It can be used after being washed and drained. Glutinous rice dumplings need to be seasoned in advance, otherwise the cooked dumplings will be too light.

3. Seasoning of glutinous rice: add salt to the washed glutinous rice, mix it well, then add proper amount of peanut oil to mix it well, so that the fresh meat dumplings will be fragrant and smooth.

[bean paste rice dumpling] this is a kind of sweet rice dumpling popular with friends this year.

1. Pickling of glutinous rice: mix the washed glutinous rice with soap water and mix well (about the amount is not easy to say, maybe it is enough that the glutinous rice turns pale yellow after mixing)

2. After mixing with water, put the rice on for 5-10 minutes, let the glutinous rice fully absorb the water, then add oil and mix well, finally add the washed red beans and mix well.

[cooking rice dumplings]: it takes a lot of time to cook rice dumplings. It takes three hours to boil rice dumplings after the water is boiled. It should be specially reminded that the water for cooking rice dumplings must cover the surface of rice dumplings, otherwise the rice dumplings will be mixed. As for the problem of boiling rice dumplings under cold water, it seems that some people advocate both. I’m doing it in cold water. Zongzi in the process of cooking will continue to absorb water, if the water is less, you can add some boiling water in the middle.


Notice for making zongzi: when making zongzi, don’t press the glutinous rice too hard. You need to leave some space for the glutinous rice to absorb water and expand during the boiling process, but you need to tie the rope tightly, otherwise the zongzi will scatter and turn into a pot of porridge. When making bean paste dumplings, you should pay special attention not to press it too tightly, so that the glutinous rice stuffing can be put into the bean paste. The glutinous rice trapped in the bean paste will harden after boiling because it can’t absorb enough water, which will affect the taste.