How to make zucchini pork pie

Dough: 250g flour, 110ml boiling water, 40ml cold water;

Stuffing: 150 grams of zucchini, three fat seven lean pork 200 grams;

How to make zucchini pork pie

Seasoning: salt, oyster sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, egg white and sesame oil;


1. Pour hot water into flour, mix well with chopsticks, and then pour cold water to mix well;

2. Knead smooth dough by hand, cover with wet gauze for 20 minutes;

3. Mince Pork into powder, add all seasonings and mix well in one direction;

4. Wipe the zucchini into silk, and then squeeze the excess water by hand;

5. Put shredded zucchini into minced meat and mix well;

6. Take out the battered dough, knead it into strips, and then divide it into 50g dosage forms;

7. Roll the preparation into a rectangular skin about 0.2 cm thick;

8. Take appropriate amount of stuffing and evenly spread it on the dough;

9. Fold the two ends of the dough to the middle; fold them again and press them tightly;

10. Put oil in pan, add zucchini meat cake, fry over low heat for about one minute, then add a little water, cover the pan, when the water is dry, open the pan cover, and fry until both sides are golden.