(photo) how to make lotus root and spare ribs soup

Lotus Root and Rib soup

Ingredients: ribs, old lotus root

(photo) how to make lotus root and spare ribs soup

Seasoning: salt, chicken essence

(photo) how to make lotus root and spare ribs soup

The practice of lotus root ribs soup

1. Soak the ribs in water for about half an hour;

2. Boil a pot of boiling water, and add the ribs to blanch for 3 minutes;

3. Rinse the boiled ribs, put them into the stew cup, add sufficient water, and set the slow stew for 2 and a half hours;

4. After stewing for 1 hour, peel lotus root and cut the hob;

5. Put lotus root into pot, boil with a little water;

6. Pour the boiled lotus root with soup into the stew cup, and continue to slow the stew;

7. When the remaining 15 minutes are left, preheat the casserole, take the ingredients of half Rio in the stew cup and add a little salt to the casserole, and simmer for 10 minutes;

8. Add a little chicken essence, sprinkle with a little onion, OK.

hot tip

1. Lotus root is easier to ripen than ribs, put it later, and heat before merging, so as to avoid the ribs in stew from shrinking in cold condition and the meat quality will not be soft;

2. If one can finish eating, step 7 can be simplified to direct salt addition. Because my family can not finish eating once, it has been divided into half treatment. The part that does not eat is not salted. It is not allowed to be lazy if you can taste it again when you eat it next time!