Soft and sweet — how to make red rice cake delicious

Material Science

Red rice flour 160ml (you can buy red rice and use blender to make flour), flour 160ml, water 150ml, sugar 40ml, yeast powder 1g


Put the rice flour and sugar into a bowl and mix well

Pour the yeast liquid into the flour, then pour in all the water and mix well. Stir for a while to let the flour eat through the water. Then cover the lid (my lunch box) and put it into the electric cooker for fermentation (add a small amount of water in the electric cooker and heat it to a temperature not too hot)

When the fermentation is twice as large (about two or three hours), stir it again to make it softer. Then put it into the electric cooker to ferment. If the electric cooker in the middle is not warm, you can heat it again with the heat preservation gear. Be careful not to burn the yeast too long

When it’s twice as big (about two hours, it can last a long time), put a wet and greased gauze on the steaming grid, pour in the rice flour paste, sprinkle a little dates, raisins, medlar, walnuts and other things. Cover and steam over high heat for 40-50 minutes


Red rice is also called blood glutinous rice. Red glutinous rice is a good tonic

Red rice can also be replaced by purple rice, millet, etc. the amount of water in purple rice cake should be a little more, and there should be no problem within 200ml